One Kilometre at a Time

By on 2-14-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

I like running. I even like running long, but it can be hard to run long distances, especially when you are a beginner-ish type (which I pretty much am, at least I feel like a beginner again since my fall training never culminated in an actual long race!) So having a plan for my long runs is essential.

One kilometre at a time is exactly how I get through my longer runs. I don’t think about how many total kilometers I have to do, I just make plans for each and every kilometre on the schedule. Maybe I plan to run at a certain speed and then increase each km or change the incline on the treadmill a bit, maybe I plan a walk break after each kilometre, sometimes I plan a blog post during one km and changes to my wall decor the next km.

This past week I ran 10k. That was my longest run of this year, longest actually since the Rotary Run last September, just before I got sick. I had a head cold and almost talked myself out of running, but thankfully I pushed through it. It felt awesome to finish! Next week, I’m scheduled for 12km, and I’m going to do that run the same as always, one kilometre at a time.