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Jul 1, 2011 9:35 AM

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by Laurie

First – Happy Canada Day! I’m celebrating with my boys by biking to our local celebrations, participating in the People’s Parade and later, a bbq at a friend’s house. Going to be fun! Before I head out though, I had to share my news. I had an article published at the Yummy Mummy Club!

 This month at the Yummy Mummy Club the topic for article submission was fitness – I couldn’t pass that up though could I? I think I went a little too dark discussing how my recent fitness changes have helped me overcome some mommy frustration, but I hope you’ll read/enjoy it regardless. Don’t miss the other great articles either – I was checking them out because it’s always nice to read about other people’s experiences with fitness as a busy mom.

Time for Canada Day fun now!