Quiet = Happy

By on 1-07-2013 in Featured, That Mom Stuff, The Blogging Thing

Quiet = Happy

Doesn’t this picture make you feel all peaceful and relaxed? That’s how I feel right now, even though I’m working and not doing yoga because my house is sooooo quiet this morning. After two weeks of Christmas break it feels pretty weird to be alone in a quiet house. Actually it felt weird last night to put my boys to bed by myself. For most of the break period there were three adults and three kids (plus the two dogs!) and suddenly last night my mom was out and my DH had left for a little man-cation before he heads back to work later this week. Very strange, but good. I actually worked last night for a couple of hours to be more ready for the week, which I totally hadn’t been doing while DH was home.

Today I’m using the quiet for work too. Well, except for right now while I take a break to do a little blogging for a change!

So, it’s 2013 already people. Isn’t that crazy?! Well, some people I know think each day is just another day, but for me, a new year is exciting somehow. Plus this year is the year my baby will start kindergarten. Not for like 9 months, but I’m going to start getting excited anyways. Because I’m that type of mom, the one who can’t wait for whole entire days of quiet, not just two hours of preschool time. Grade 1 will be even better. I think I appreciate my darlings more when they aren’t, you know, in my face and all needy non-stop, lol. It wasn’t too bad over Christmas break because I wasn’t working through most of it. We actually did do almost everything on our list of fun stuff.  The weather even cooperated so we could skate outside even! I played on our new Wii U way too much, ate a lot of chocolate and sugar, read a great book (Shadow of Night), slept more than I have in ages and just generally relaxed. I feel ready to be back in a routine though, and I actually have been working out properly again and am ready to eat healthy and lose those darn extra 30 lbs I’m dragging around. For real this time. I mean it!

Okay, off to enjoy my last 30 minutes of quiet happiness. And to get a last few little work things done. Hope you all had an awesome holiday season too!


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