Ramblings of a Frustrated WAHM

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Mar 11, 2010 8:52 PM

Ramblings of a Frustrated WAHM


by Laurie

Somedays things seem so hard. I’m not even sure why, which just adds to my frustration level, in some kind of weird and insane cycle.

I just want to do more, get out more, be more successful. I like my work, but I struggle with patience waiting for things to build up to the place I think they could be. I did my taxes for this past year and I made about $13,000. I am proud of that, but I definitely don’t want to stay at that level. And I worry about how much I’m holding myself back and how much is just the normal struggles of a small home-based business.

So I spend time thinking about other options and wonder what else I might want to do. I’ve thought about maybe going into real estate. Although I’m not sure being an HGTV addict means I understand what the career would really entail, I have always been drawn to it. Not quite as much as law, but the training time is significantly less and that’s got to be worth something!

I feel guilty when I think about doing something else though, and wonder if I’m a quitter at heart. It’s hard to know if you just need to push ahead or if there are better paths to take. Although the one good thing of something like real estate is that I could certainly keep up with my current client load while I get my pre-licensing classes under my belt and probably even for longer than that.

Well, it’s time to relax and stop letting my mind go wild tonight. Private Practice is calling my name!


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