Renewed Enthusiasm

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Mar 25, 2011 2:11 PM

Renewed Enthusiasm


by Laurie

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first road bike. It had clipless pedals though, and I had no shoes to go with, so it sat mocking me in my bedroom until yesterday. I kept admiring it and hoping it would magically make me faster and then I finally got a call that my new shoes were in from the local bike shop. Okay not really “finally”, in the shop’s defence I took forever to actually request the shoes – had to have the cash first! Shoes came in and I learned yet another newbie lesson – my new bike’s clipless pedals were spd – and actually meant more for a mountain bike! The new shoes had three-hole style cleats – which is right for a road bike but didn’t match my pedals. Argh! Back to the bike shop to discuss best options – either switch out the new shoes to mtb style or buy road pedals. I decided that even though it was more money it would be worth getting the road pedals.

And oh that one little decision lead to some fun for me. I had to get my old pedals off – it was no easy job. Finally I finished it though and easily got the new pedals on. Then I attached the cleats to the new shoes and I was ready to go. Almost. You see I still had to take my cheap mountain bike off the bike trainer so I could put the new bike on and try things out. That was another fun experience. Bike off trainer – easy. New bike on trainer? Not so much. I am so not mechanically inclined! I had to take the rear quick release skewer thing out and put in the trainer version so it would all fit together. But once the skewer was out and I was trying to re-attach the wheel didn’t want to fit in right. Picture a cranky and tired me with bike grease all over my hands – old and new bike upside down on the floor trying to compare where the chain should sit – oh my! I did eventually figure out what I had done wrong and got things set up. You’d think that was it right? Nope! Had to take the bike sensor that goes with my Garmin off the old bike too and move it to the new bike. Lining up those sensors is not easy, I think I spent an hour yesterday before I gave up, but finally this morning I got everything in line and was ready to rock.

Verdict? I LOVE my new bike!!!!! I rode 11km in 38 minutes, which is not fast but is way, way, way, way, faster than the mountain bike was in the trainer. I actually feel like the triathlon is an obtainable goal again, I was starting to feel panicked when on my mountain bike I could barely get 10km done in an hour. Lesson learned – road bikes really are faster or at least they are better in the trainer. Someday when the snow is gone (maybe in July, lol) I’ll test it out on the road!

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