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I’m creating my own “prompt” today – describe your perfect retreat. Because I really want to go on one soon….well, hopefully in the spring maybe 🙂

Retreat – Day 4 of NaBloPoMo

I’ve gone on girl weekends with my friends. Okay, well only once because frankly it wasn’t all I hoped it would be. I’m not a good car traveller and I hate being on other people’s timetables. Apparently I’m not good at cooperation or something. I mean, when you are talking about my work or my family, I work very hard at getting along with people and making sure to compromise and be fair. I get compliments from my clients all the time and I really do think I’m not sucky at it all the time. But for those rare occasions when I get to get away from it all, I want things to be perfect. And that girls weekend – it was way, way off of perfect.

I’ve also done a few weekend getaways with just my BFF. Those were much better! We are more compatible in how we do things, where we should travel to, etc. It wasn’t perfect, but it was much easier to compromise with one person, especially when they are such a good friend.

But for some reason, lately I feel really called to taking a solo retreat. My friends are at different places in their lives than me (I had my kids way younger – two of my friends just had babies and there are a couple of 2 year old children in the mix, whereas my youngest is 6 and my oldest is about to be 12). I’m the only self-employed one of the group and I think I’m just a little burned out in a way they haven’t yet experienced. And if they are lucky, maybe they never will! I love my kids and my work, but the thought of three or so days without any demands from either, well that sounds like heaven right now. I’m pretty sure I’m sounding really selfish right about now, but I’m okay with that. I’m the opposite of selfish most of my days and nights.

I’ve been contemplating attending BlogWest 2014 in Vancouver next spring as my retreat. I know I would enjoy the experience, I loved it when I went in 2012 (missed 2013 due to soccer coach commitments), but I’m also considering a simpler retreat without so much distance involved. Or so many people and planned activities. Maybe just Jasper or Banff? But I’d have to rent a car, so I’m not sure I’d save much over using AirMiles to fly to Vancouver and just paying my taxes. One has mountains, one has the ocean. I would love to run in Vancouver, I could go hiking in the mountains.

The biggest thing to weigh is whether it’s enough of a retreat if I spend half my time socializing with other blog conference attendees. And if it is too much time alone if I go somewhere with absolutely no agenda? Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, I just need to save my pennies (and hundred dollar bills, lol) so I can afford it once a decision is made.  Because my idea of a retreat involves a little spa therapy, if nothing else 😉



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