Reverend Trudeau – Alberta NDP Candidate Spruce Grove St. Albert

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Reverend Trudeau – Alberta NDP Candidate Spruce Grove St. Albert

I have received my first response response back to my email to candidates in my riding. It was a timely response, but unfortunately Reverend Trudeau’s office’s response has nothing but timeliness going for it. And when you don’t actually read or respond to questions, timeliness is a lot easier. Here’s the response (questions are on my previous post linked above if you are interested):

to Laurie Mapp <>
date Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 11:39 AM
subject Re: Election 2012 – Spruce Grove/St. Albert Riding
Important mainly because of the words in the message.
hide details 11:39 AM (8 hours ago)
 Dear Laurie Mapp:
  Thanks for sending the questionnaire.  Should you look at Rev. Trudeau’s blog ( I think you will find all the information you require.
Anne Packer
Agent for Rev Trudeau.

I know they are busy, but won’t they be as busy or busier if they get elected? If they want to get elected shouldn’t they care what their constituents care about? I looked through the candidate’s blog, and while it was interesting (and I believe the only candidate who had a fairly good blog in my riding) it didn’t answer my questions. In fact, the candidate’s blog barely even references Spruce Grove at all. It seems like her platform is I am NDP and I will tow the line, but maybe I’m mistaken. If I come to my elected representative with a question, I damn well better not get “check our website” unless it’s with a very specific link to the exact question asked or something at least vaguely appropriate. Blowing me off now tells me you will blow me off later.

Well, strike the NDP off my list of possible people to vote for. Thanks for your help in making my decision Reverend Trudeau. Can I say that I’m really not feeling good about this election at all? Ugh.