Road to Recovery

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Road to Recovery

I”m pretty sure this is going to be a rambly post – but I actually have a little free time and I feel like writing! It’s a Saturday morning and there is no soccer in March/April (what a weird feeling!) – well at least not right now. I guess sometime later in April there will be practices starting up since the outdoor season kicks off May 1. Assuming the snow ever melts. Which is a crazy thing to assume, since the snow feels like a never-ending phenomenon here.

So I’m over 6 weeks past surgery now. My splint is off and I’m in physiotherapy. My wrist feels surprisingly good, but it also feels like it has a long way to go to be back to normal. I can type with both hands easily enough and I can carry some things, but I can’t twist lids off and I can’t hold anything too heavy. Too much typing leaves my whole hand sore and tired. I naively thought that recovery after the first six weeks would be speedy and easy – so, so naive! It’s much more of a challenge than I expected and clearly a longer road to travel.

And along the fun road I’m travelling lays even more “fun”. Fun of the surgical kind because it’s really, really not my year apparently. I’ve had a problem with my throat for several months. Okay, a year almost. My husband was concerned and I was ignoring it. My voice has gone eternally hoarse. It breaks a lot and everyone thinks I have a cold. Well, other than the people who are now so used to it they don’t even realize it’s not my normal voice! So finally a couple of months ago I listened to my husband and went to my doctor who spent about three seconds looking at my throat and immediately referred me to an ENT, as apparently being hoarse for several months, even when you are a soccer coach who yells a lot, is not normal or okay. So after a bit of a wait to see the ENT (this is Canada and it wasn’t thought to be super urgent) I finally got an appointment. For the record, it was a very unpleasant experience, although thankfully short. I got some lovely throat numbing spray that tasted HORRIBLE. Truly horrible! Then a camera was snaked down my throat so that the very nice doctor could check out my vocal chords. And the source of the problem was easily seen  – I guess that’s a good thing, right? It wasn’t cancer (my husband’s fear) but instead I have been diagnosed with having a vocal polyp. And due to the length of time I’ve had the problem, surgery was the immediate and only recommendation.

I have only have about three surgeries in my whole life (before the recent wrist surgery I mean). And that includes surgery to remove my wisdom teeth – not the biggest deal. The other two were pregnancy related – one c-section and one D&C after a missed miscarriage. I can’t believe this year I’m going to have two surgeries in under six months. Vocal polyp surgery doesn’t seem as thought it will be horrible, but it does have to be under general anesthesia which I really dislike. And in the “fun” category is the fact that post-surgery you are supposed to go on vocal rest. That means no talking people! I like talking…a lot. And I have no idea how long I’ll have to not talk – it looks like the range is 48 hours to a week, with small amounts of talking allowed after that for another week or two during healing. I’m hoping that the surgery isn’t scheduled until late June/July after soccer season is over. I am still coaching the 6yo’s team after all, and coaching kind of relies on you having a voice. I have promised the doctor that I will learn to use my whistle more and find other ways of getting the kids’ attention instead of yelling as I have in the past. It’s very likely my yelling techniques caused the problem, so it’s important to change my coaching style a bit 😉 I’m thinking of stealing a method from Friday Night Lights and having them all take a knee when I’m speaking so they focus on me a little more. That’ll work on 6 and 7 year olds, right?



p.s. I’m all done my beloved Friday Night Lights now…I need suggestions for a show to watch during vocal chord surgery recovery…but it can’t be something that will make me cry! Crying is also bad for the vocal chords, lol.



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