Running at Night

By on 5-21-2012 in Featured, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Running at Night

It’s not dark, but it is getting late. The kids have been bathed and are watching Men in Black II with dad. Even grandma has already put on pyjamas and is winding down for the day. Everyone is relaxed and tired after a day in the sun, not to mention soccer practice that included a little parents vs. the kids action. Well, everyone but me is relaxed and winding down. Tonight I’m running at night. Running long at night. I often run midday, but in the warmth of summer I’m more apt to choose to run after the kids are in bed, or at least when it is close to bedtime. I more often have childcare then anyway, so I can actually run outside, not on my treadmill.

I love this time of day. The sun isn’t beating too hard, there are people out enjoying the end of the day, but not too many people sharing the sidewalk with me. I criss-cross my city, realizing it really isn’t that big, and try not to think how many kilometres are on the schedule for tonight. I just crank up my music and keep on putting one foot in front of the other. I don’t go very fast, but I do manage to go pretty far by the end of the day. 16.6 kilometres! I might actually survive my half-marathon next month. Hopefully.

What time of day is your favorite to run? What time do you actually end up running due to your schedule? Next Sunday I’m probably going to have to do my long run in the afternoon on the treadmill, as DH is back to work, gram has to work and there is a soccer game at 6:30 p.m. Busy!


photo © Nick K. – so beautiful! Not that it’s dark like this when I run at night. I live in Alberta people!! I did see the moon yesterday though – there was a partial eclipse and a soccer dad let us all see it through a welding helmet. So awesome 🙂