Running is Hard!

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Nov 5, 2010 2:38 PM

Running is Hard!


by Laurie

Running is so hard! But I am definitely sticking with my plan to work on my fitness and ultimately participate in a triathlon. Early this week I was feeling very off course, as I took on a big project that was way more work than I anticipated (tables are not my friend apparently) and I had a really busy weekend personally (yay to DH’s who plan surprise getaways!) and I was feeling pretty cranky with myself. Wednesday night though my BFF and I pushed each other to get out of the house and run and then we went again last night with her boyfriend. He pushes us to run more and walk less, so that was good. I can’t wait for a day when my hubby is home to run with us.

Of course that is only two workouts this week, so later I need to go for a bike ride or something and get in some exercise this weekend too. Also got to yank out the weights today! Busy, busy!

Also in training related news, I started using a heart rate monitor this week, it came with my Garmin FR60 watch. I don’t actually know my target rates yet – need to check my resting rate first thing in the am tomorrow. Little things like this motivate me, so it’s a great piece of equipment to have!

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