Season Enders

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Season Enders

This weekend two of my boys unofficially ended their soccer seasons. One does still have a tournament at the end of February, and the other’s team is on a waiting list, but they had their last games of the regular season. One had a rough first 2/3 of the season but ended on a 4 game winning streak. One had a great first 2/3 of the season, but ended on a 5 game losing streak.

Of course it was the one I assistant coach on that didn’t end so well. It was a disappointing experience for the 12yo and for me. He really worked hard to improve his game this year and I saw great play out of him – and his teammates. They made it to the top tier of community, it just proved to be a little bit much for them. It was disappointing for me because I feel like I somehow should have done more to help them get where they needed to be. Plus I get frustrated when I see them getting down on themselves. I sure hope the tournament leaves us all feeling a little more positive.

The 9yo thankfully had a much better finish – although he is the one of my three who actually doesn’t really like soccer that much. He played because he likes to do what the brothers do. And he does have fun most of the time, but he’s not hardcore like the other two 😉

The 6yo is very happy that his season goes a little longer (three more weeks or so). There is no post-season for the U8 teams, so they keep playing, but U10 and up has cities and inter-cities in Feb/Mar so their regular rounds are done now to allow time to get set up for that post-season stuff. I think that’s why the 12yo is most disappointed. Last year we qualified for cities and then inter-cities so he wasn’t done at this point and he got a couple of medals too. Can’t happen every year though I guess.

Next weekend for the first time since October we have a completely soccer free weekend. No practices, no games and it’s teacher’s convention so we are going to get a real break!  I think we all need it. My voice sure does anyway, I’m extra hoarse by the end of the season.

I don’t think I’m really all that disappointed in our season, we still are the top finishers from our city and age/gender group for community level teams. That’s nothing to be unhappy about. And this year they were a great group of kids (ok, I think that every season!) and I’m so lucky to have the ability and time to help coach. I really love it – even on the hard days. I guess I should start the countdown to outdoor season instead of feeling down – only a couple of months and I’ll be back at it for at least one and hopefully two boys’ teams 🙂


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