Seeking a Starry Sky With Your Help

By on 8-13-2012 in Featured

Seeking a Starry Sky With Your Help

I don’t do voting contests. I mean, I will vote for people, especially if they ask, but I don’t really like the voting thing. Makes me feel unpopular! Still, for once there is a contest opportunity simply too good to pass up so I’m putting myself out there and asking you for your help. Pretty please! If I don’t get votes I may flash back to high school, lol.

You see, I recently read on Facebook about an event I’d never heard of before, it’s called the Dark Sky Festival in Jasper, Alberta (just a short 3-ish hour drive from my home near Edmonton). The Dark Sky Festival is a family-friendly weekend where you can learn about using a telescope, paint your own constellation, find out why the night sky is dark and experience First Nation drumming and storytelling around a fire. And of course you can gaze at all the stars in the sky! There are also sessions on night sky and time lapse photography. Maybe a session would help me take more pictures as I have been planning to do (and working on!) Maybe that telescope sitting in the basement will get some actual use if we learn a bit more about stargazing.

Now we get to the part where I ask you to vote for me. Tourism Jasper is running a contest where someone will become the Jasper Star Correspondent during the Dark Sky Festival, and I think they should choose me. I know I could do a great job and it would be so fun. So pretty please, take a couple minutes out of your day (you can vote once EVERY day until the end of August) to vote for me and get me into the next round where the judges will consider my submission.

 Vote Here:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help.

Featured image © Yuriy Mazur – (I’ll be taking my own pictures of course if I go to Jasper for the Festival)