September Sucked

By on 10-03-2011 in I Call it Racing, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Brand new blog. Same bad habits. I get distracted easily I guess and I don’t post as much as I mean to!

Of course, this past month I’ve been far more than simply “distracted”. I was SICK. Yes, sick in all caps, not just “sick”. I did my 10k race on September 11th (race report not yet posted, not surprisingly). I was feeling great, ready for my half-marathon on the 18th. I knew I had trained right and that all I had to do was show up and try my best. Unfortunately though September had other plans for me. The Tuesday after the race (5 days before the half-marathon) I came down with the flu. I thought I was just tired after the 10k. My muscles were a little sore and I was exhausted. I tried to go for a short run in the afternoon, despite wanting nothing more than to take a nap. I was super slow and just felt awful. I gave up, picked up the kiddos from school and went home. And collapsed. I realized it wasn’t just normal tired.

By Wednesday it was full blown flu with aches, chills, fever and fatigue. I had a bad feeling the half-marathon wasn’t going to happen, but my husband kept trying to motivate me and help me believe I could be better before Sunday. So I took it easy and hoped really hard. And I got sicker instead of better. Ultimately my poor husband who was only running the half-marathon to keep me company ended up running it alone. And I had about half a day of feeling slightly better before getting way worse and ultimately learning I had pneumonia. Another couple of weeks of fatigue and illness and coughing followed that diagnosis. Actually, I’m still coughing and it’s now early October. I haven’t run since that awful, awful run on the 13th of September 🙁

I hope I’m back to running soon. In a moment of feeling somewhat better this past weekend I even ordered a new running skirt and long sleeved top! I’ll be ready for a spring half-marathon, well at least if I have anything to say about it.