Skirt Shopping Fun

By on 8-04-2011 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

My favorite running outfit right now is actually a bike skirt! I bought the Breezer Bike Girl skirt from Skirt Sports so that it could do double duty for biking and running – the chamois is so minimal that it definitely works just as well for running as for biking. I also have a couple of running skirts from Lululemon. They are pretty but not anywhere near as comfy as the Skirt Sports skirt. My biggest complaint is that neither of my Lululemon skirts has a pocket big enough for my iPhone. And I don’t run without my iPhone – music and the ability to call home in an emergency all-in-one after all!

I’ve been wanting another “good” running skirt now that I’m running so much more than during triathlon training, but I just couldn’t decide what to get. Although I absolutely love my Skirt Sports one, unfortunately there was one big problem with the company. They only ship to Canada via UPS and between shipping, customs and brokerage fees I paid WAY more than I would have liked. I will only buy from them again if I can find local or if  they change their shipping rules. Actually I do know of somewhere local to buy, but they don’t have the full line and I don’t want a duplicate skirt – I like a little variety in my running wardrobe. So I needed another option and that is how I found RunningSkirts. I love their prints and the pockets look like they should work for my phone. I hemmed and hawed a lot over which print I liked and then realized half the stuff I liked was already sold out in my size. Finally yesterday I made a decision! I bought an Aqua Wave Ultra Swift Skirt and an Azure Strappy Tank, which I hope will match as well as I think it will! I was tempted to get a long sleeve top or some arm warmers, since my half-marathon is in fall in Edmonton. Chances are it won’t be that warm! I decided to just try out two pieces for now though and see how I feel about the quality etc. before I go too shopping crazy. I hope the skirt is great – they ship USPS to Canada, making it much more affordable and eliminating brokerage fees (and no one can do anything about those darn custom fees!)

I will post some pics when the outfit arrives 🙂