Slow and Fast

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Slow and Fast

Time is going by both slow and fast right now. My broken wrist is slowly improving and healing. I’m now in a hard splint instead of my bulky surgical dressing. X-rays showed that everything is going as well as could be expected. I am doing range of movement exercises every day. But it’ll be weeks before I’m 100%. And that makes things feel so SLOW. Especially my typing speed. Although I am kind of typing this with both hands, which is a new accomplishment!

2014-03-03 14.09.01

Removable hard splint – yay for showers without plastic wrap!

The fast part of life is the growing up part for my boys though. My oldest is 12+. He is going to finish grade six before you know it. He’s in middle school so he doesn’t change schools next year – but the way school works will change. They get options and change classrooms more often. And this summer my beautiful big boy is probably playing his first year of club soccer instead of community. Which means I won’t be his coach for the first time in ages. I can’t even tell you how sad that makes me, even though I know it’s what he wants and will be good for him I’m sure.

My middle boy is 9 and a lot. Meaning he hits double digits this summer. He will move from his elementary school to the big brother’s middle school next fall and he is so excited he keeps asking when the tours are. And scarily he’s showing signs of early puberty which I am so not ready for. Isn’t one in puberty at a time enough for any house? I have almost 3 year gaps between my kids for a reason!

My baby is not a baby. He’s 6, he’ll be done kindergarten before you know it, he’s full of teenage attitude already (fast learner on that front lol). At least I still get to coach him in soccer šŸ™‚ He’s getting tall but he does still prefer my bed to his own, so he’s not all grown up on me yet.

I’m glad winter is fading (slowly, but surely) but every spring is a reminder of how things just keep happening and moving and how these boys keep growing. They all need new outdoor shoes and their hoodies are looking small. So, so, so fast y’all. So fast.


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