Slow Weight Loss

By on 8-14-2011 in Featured, Hoping for Health

I’ve been working out since last fall. I have tried adjusting my eating habits somewhat since then, but weight has been coming off very, very slowly. In the 10ish months since I started this journey I’ve lost maybe 17 pounds. Better than none, but still not even 2 per month.

I weigh around 147 pounds right now, and since I’m just 5’2” that’s a good 20 pounds or so I could still stand to lose. I really want to get serious and lose that weight over the next six months or so, next spring I want to be in great shape for the races I hope to do! I’m going to start tracking my calories more closely – I think my biggest issue is eating/drinking too many “empty” calories. I need more nutrition! I already do 5-6 aerobic workouts per week, so my main fitness change will be to work on adding in weight training. I enjoy using the free weights I have at home and I need to do some core work, so 3 sessions a week of fairly short length (20 minutes?) shouldn’t be too hard to get in. I hope. Maybe. Life is so busy lol!

Here’s hoping that fall is a great time for speeding up my too slow weight loss.