Snow Day

By on 1-19-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Yesterday we had the Alberta version of a snow day. Sort of. You see, in Alberta we don’t really have issues with snow, I mean obviously we get an awful lot of it most years (not this year so much), but we have plenty of snowplows, people use snowtires and generally we’re just used to coping with driving in all kinds of snow and bad weather. But we do have our version of snow days based on the following weather conditions (from school division website):

  • Temperature of -40°C
  • Wind-chill of approximately -50°C
  • Visibility of less than 1 kilometre
  • Impassable rural roads

Yesterday we had wind chill warnings of up to -50 (aka freaking cold, danger of frostbite, blah, blah, blah) so buses were cancelled. School was still open though. Schools here don’t close, something to do with kids showing up anyway and being in physical danger if there isn’t anyone at the school to let them in to at least warm up. Attendance is maybe 50-60% at best on these days.  I usually am okay with sending the boys to school, I drive them anyway so it’s not really any change in routine if the buses are cancelled. Yesterday I actually hoped they’d stay home, because I’ve been sick (AGAIN!!) and I selfishly didn’t want to go outside. Hello pajama day, lol. My 10yo wanted to go in though so the 7yo was forced agreed to go too. Oh well, it is easier to work at home when they are at school so I should be grateful.

I know people who work outside the home can find snow days/bus cancellations a real problem, and days like yesterday are a reminder to me that I am so, so lucky to work at home so that sudden schedule changes can be relatively easily accommodated. I hope I remember that next time I’m finishing a late night rush project!

image “Snow Day” by Flickr user Matthew Roberts, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 license.