Some Fun Alberta Races

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Some Fun Alberta Races

This morning I spent a fair bit of time updating my Race Alberta (formerly Run Alberta) page.  I love thinking about the races I might do this year (so far I’m registered for the Wild Roses Women’s Half in Edmonton, but hopefully will register for a few more in the next couple of months, as long as my training stays on track!

There were some fun races that I knew I just had to do a separate blog post about. You can’t help but be intrigued by some of these 2012 races!


June 9/10, Cochrane, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Kids Triathlon, Duathlon

This event offers plenty of racing options in a beautiful location. I love Cochrane, it’s so close to both Calgary and Banff and the path system looks so pretty. But mostly, I really love the name of this race!

Canada Day Road Race

July 1, Edmonton, 5k or 15k

Well, what better way to start off celebrating the nation’s birthday than with a 5 or 15k race in the beautiful river valley and even a little along Whyte Ave (assuming I’m reading the route map right, I’m really not great with maps, lol). You can raise money to help benefit the Cops for Cancer program if you so desire. Red and white outfits are sure to rule the day, with many a maple leaf tattoo I’m sure!

Energizer Night Race

August 18, Calgary, 5k or 10k

This race promises a “celebration of light and music” – sounds good to me! Funds can be raised in support of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta.

Spartan Sprint

This is DEFINITELY on my list for this year. The Spartan is not a typical running race, but I couldn’t resist including it because not everyone knows about obstacle racing. My plan is Spartan this year and a Tough Mudder next year when it comes to Calgary. My husband is very on board for these types of races 🙂

Gorilla Run

September 8, Edmonton, 5k

Can you imagine running 5k in a full gorilla costume? I’m not so sure I can, but I’m impressed by the people who do it! The run is in support of the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

Urban Venus Deliciously Sweet Run

September 16, Calgary, 1k for kids, 5k or 10k

OMG! Cupcakes plus running sounds like heaven to me. I wish I didn’t love sugar so much, but I do and I hereby vote this the race most likely to get me down to Calgary for a weekend.

Sight Night

September 29, Edmonton, 3k walk or 5 or 8k run

November 17, Calgary, 3k walk or 8k run

Well, I’d pick the Edmonton one not only because it’s local but because it’s warmer in September! Running at night on trails would be a challenge enough without it being icy or chilly! Both races are run at night (bring your headlamp) and are in support of the Alberta Sports and Recreation Association for the Blind (ASRAB). Definitely a different and interesting race concept.

Tuxedos, Gowns and Hot Dogs

November 4, Edmonton, 10k

Want a “personal best” in the 10k? This race promises it by offering a middle of the night race that starts just before the fall back time change. I’m not sure I want to be running at 2am, but I *love* the idea of a fun run in a ball gown or tuxedo! Celebrate your race time with hot dogs and champagne when you are done. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe some hot chocolate to warm you up before you head home 😉


*image by Grant MacDonald under an attribution non commercial Creative Commons license