Spring Break is Here

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Mar 27, 2010 9:00 AM

Spring Break is Here


by Laurie

My boys officially are on Spring Break now, they go back on the Tuesday after Easter. The last couple of years I have struggled with making spring break fun for them, while still staying on top of my own stuff. This year DH is home too and we’ve tried to make a plan that will keep us on track. We want a balance of fun activities and time to just chill at home (well – hopefully we won’t be chilly, lol, so far our spring break weather actually looks decent!!)

We signed up for a family Easter activity at Fort Edmonton Park that we know all three of the boys will just love, and at only $22 for our whole family, it’s an affordable thing to do. Spring also means “break-up” in the oil industry, a term any non-Albertans may not know, but basically it means my husband may work infrequently or not at all until mid June or so. Fun right? We plan for it, but still need to be extra frugal through this period.

We also are going to spend one afternoon swimming at our local pool, try to teach 5yo to ride his bike without training wheels and go on a picnic/trail walk one day. We may even make a day trip to Calgary (to go to the zoo or just shopping!) one day, but that’s a we’ll see kind of thing.

And how am I going to keep up with my work through all this fun? Well, each morning I’ll spend an hour or two working on projects for sure – when it’s not spring break I sometimes procrastinate until the baby is napping before really getting down to business with my work. I’ll also have my netbook with me for most activities  in case something urgent crops up and of course, as always, the hours after bedtime will be a prime work opportunity!

Wish me luck!

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