Staying Awake in Seattle

By on 10-13-2012 in Featured, That Mom Stuff

Staying Awake in Seattle

Well, a week ago tonight I was in a very good mood at the end of a full day spent at the spa and a couple of nice restaurants in Seattle. I may have had a pretty drink or three. The best ones were called Sex on Fire and were enjoyed at Pnk Ultra Lounge. My BFF may have had to help me walk back to our hotel. But maybe not. She did prop me up but I still maintain I could have managed on my own if I’d had to. But why try when you are blessed with an amazing friend who wants to be sure you don’t fall.

Sex on Fire at Pnk

It’s kind of funny, when we went to the spa (and for the record I highly, highly recommend the Gene Juarez Spa in downtown Seattle, it was a truly luxurious, great day of pampering) I spent way too much money all on me. Which made me feel guilty, but that’s another story. But this weekend? I just finished dyeing my hair with drugstore dye. I like the contrast 🙂 Here are some pics of the pretty created by the nice spa people:

Purple-ish Pedicure

Pretty French Manicure


All dressed up, and places to go!

Spending a weekend away with a good friend (or a group if you prefer) is a smart thing for a mama to do. It was nice not being on call every minute, not worrying (much) about work and not cooking or cleaning. I know, I don’t clean much anyway, but you get my point. But I will say for the record that you can undo all the relaxation and stress relief with one poor choice. Do not be as dumb as me if you take a weekend off. Don’t cheap out and skip a hotel room the last night just because you have to be at the airport at 4 anyway. BAAADD idea. Really bad. There are no words for the level of tired. It took me all week to catch up. And it took me until today to realize I totally missed doing something this week because my brain was still fuzzy. Ugh. Not to mention that I coached my first soccer practice of the indoor season the day I got home. With all of 2 hours napping time in about 36 hours time. Thank goodness for assistant coaches!

Seattle was a great choice for a getaway weekend. The weather was mild and easy to be out in, the downtown area was nice and bustling with plenty to do and you cannot beat the pretty views we witnessed all weekend long. For a couple of land-locked Albertans, lunch staring out over the water was a huge bonus. Plus there were bakeries (croissants and cupcakes!), the awesome Pike Place Market (so wish I lived local to take advantage of more of the produce and other great items) and you know, lots of Starbucks. And chocolate. Of course.

Near Pike Place Market

Panorama View of Waterfront

Mmmmm, chocolate