Sugar Strike

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Sugar Strike

Ok, I’m taking a deep breath here. I’m sharing about a decision I know I need to make, but it is not easy for me. I’m  going to try and, well not completely eliminate, but seriously reduce the sugar in the my diet. And my kids’s diet too. We’re going on a sugar strike and it will be hard but I’m fairly convinced (if I ignore the devil voice in my head lol) that it will be worth it.

My first step in the journey was purchasing Beyond Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett. I bought in e-book format so I could keep the tips handy even when I’m out and most severely tempted. Let’s hope that helps. I read sample chapters from another half dozen books or so I think, but none of them seemed like they would work for me. Some seemed too extreme, some too preachy, some too technical. I already get that sugar is bad but I need to know the HOW, you know? I need a road guide to a sugar free life and one that doesn’t make me slam on the brakes instantly. Let’s ease into it people, I mean come on!

Anyway, I’m only a little way into the book so far (you are supposed to go slow after all) and I’m at my first task of picking a theme song to uplift my moods when they spiral down. Well, that was easy – The Fighter of course! Thank you Gym Class Heroes for providing the daily boost I am sure to need. Or probably hourly in all honesty.

Well, if anyone else here is on this path, or wants to be on it, drop me a comment would you? I could use a buddy or 10 along the way.


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p.s. Who else gets seriously annoyed that “diet” articles, books about giving up sugar and similar things ALWAYS seem to have gorgeous desserts on the cover or as the thumbnail? I put a picture of a sugar cube, which may not be catchy, but is more honest and simple. When I see books with a cupcake on the cover I stop thinking about the message and start thinking about cupcakes. Duh! (Oh and the book I got actually does have cupcakes on the cover, which was one of the negatives when under consideration).