Summer Fail

By on 8-17-2012 in That Mom Stuff

Summer Fail

There are two weeks of summer vacation left here before I send my kiddos back to school. Well, two of them go to real school, Mr. 4yo is only in morning playschool 3x a week. In some ways I’m a little sad. I love having them around, you know when they aren’t being so loud I can’t think. I love not rushing in the morning and I know my 4yo is super happy to have his big brothers around for company. I love the flexibility to go spend the afternoon doing something fun.

Except that’s where the summer fail thing comes in. The last couple of summers have been pretty laid back, pretty flexible. This summer my workload didn’t ease as much as last year. I have more clients than before and while this is a good thing in a business way, it was not so ideal when it came to the mom part of my work at home mom life. The balance just wasn’t there. My boys have watched way too much tv, played too much on iPods and generally just not had enough fun. Most days we are lucky to be dressed by noon. Or in time to go to Kung Fu at 5:00.

Sometimes it’s because I have way too much work. Sometimes I’m tired from trying to get the work done the night before. Sometimes I’m just disorganized and I get anxious trying to fit things in and then I just don’t fit in enough period. I so should have planned better this year. I knew it was busier in general for my work, but I thought it would ease off in the summer and I could spend lazy afternoons doing fun things with my boys. Next year I’m going to have to use camps or something. Plus I’m planning at least one good REAL vacation. Where we are away at least a week and I actually tell my clients I’m away, lol. I don’t want a repeat of sitting on the floor of my hotel room near the bathroom working until midnight when everyone else is sleeping.

To be fair, summer hasn’t been a total fail. There was a little ziplining and a ropes course in Revelstoke, there was hiking in the mountains, there were swimming lessons, there were a couple of beach days and one week for each kid of camp.

7yo on the Kids Course at SkyTrek


10yo on the Zipline/Ropes Course at SkyTrek


A Saturday at the Beach

There’s also been a little MarioKart and a few parks. Just not as many or as often as I’d hoped. I’ve been more like a, gulp, person with a real job than a mom just at home with her kids. I guess change happens, huh? Well, two weeks left, I better try and make the most of them. So it’s time for some MarioKart (which sat in dust for the last year, but for some reason is fun again this summer!) My Mii and I have some boys to beat 😉

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