Summer Is In Session

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Summer Is In Session

So last Friday was the last day of school for the year for my boys (well, the older two, baby finished kindergarten on Wednesday!) They brought home their report cards and I have to tell you I was….unhappy. Very unhappy. I thought I was paying enough attention to how they were doing, but clearly not. One especially struggled with math this year and it took a failing grade on a PAT for me to see just how hard of a time he is having. I felt like a mom failure and it definitely did NOT make me want to celebrate the last day of school. I felt cranky all Friday night, but then I pulled myself together and reminded myself I had a plan for summer and I just have to stick with it to get some progress happening. I bought all three boys Summer Bridge books and we are going to have to make time to get some stuff done in them every day. Well, whenever they show up in the mail. In the meantime I went through the  bags of supplies and school work brought home the last week and found some work for them to review and finish, etc. They were unimpressed to say the least when I presented it to them Monday morning, but a mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do. And this mama wants her kids to actually learn something before they grow up. I’m also going to have to make them read more. I don’t want reading to be a chore – I personally LOVE reading. I like reading books and blogs and articles and schoolwork. Everything! But they don’t and I kept hoping if I presented them with interesting choices they would eventually read enough, but that is clearly not the case, so I’m assigning them books this summer. They might not enjoy it, but hopefully it will help them in some way.

So basically we are doing a summer sort of “homeschool” thing. And I think it’s going to lead to some afterschooling adventures in the fall, because while I think public school has its benefits, clearly it isn’t enough for a couple of my lovely boys (the baby is just out of kindergarten, so who knows how he’d do without the extra help, but I’m pretty sure it can’t hurt even at his age.)

And I guess I have to accept that despite my love of soccer and coaching, I can’t let it interfere with school. School, well learning anyway, has to be a priority. Big kid is going into grade 7, which while still officially middle school here, is much more “serious” and he needs better habits if he’s going to do well. Especially since girls are likely to start being a much more serious distraction soon, lol. He’s taller than me already and has friends with girlfriends, so you know the time is coming. And middle kid is starting middle school. He has some things he really, really needs to adjust before then.

I found parenting babies so hard. S, so, so hard. I didn’t do well with not enough sleep and they cried so much. Then this last couple of years I felt like I had found my groove as a mom. Elementary school wasn’t that bad, I’m doing the wahm thing, I found joy in coaching. It was great! And now I’m facing a new season of parenting here. I’m pretty sure I’m not ready – is there a summer school plan that will help me?!


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