Summer Virtual Games Track Star 2012

By on 8-12-2012 in Featured, How Far I Went

Summer Virtual Games Track Star 2012

So Jess of Run With Jess had a fun idea for during the Olympics this past couple of weeks. She called it the Summer Virtual Games Track Star and of course I had to join in, even though, clearly, I’m not even remotely fast. It’s still fun to push yourself and see how long it actually takes to complete Olympic track distances.

Early this week while my DH was still in town, we went to my favorite track out in the country. Our original plan to was to do several of the events that day, taking turns and cooling down a little in between as needed. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking of how bad the mosquitoes were going to be! The bug spray kept them from biting, but let’s just say if they swarm badly enough, as they might near a grassy track infield in the country after a lot of rainy evenings, you are as concerned about eating mosquitoes as you are of them biting you.We still managed to do a basic warm up and the 100m and 200m events, plus 10yo did the 400. Then we went home.


And can I say how eye-opening it is to do track events with your kids? My 10yo beat me in everything and the other two weren’t really that far behind.

100m Results

DH 14.7 seconds

DS10 18.6 seconds

Me 21 seconds

DS7 22.9 seconds

DS4 26.2 seconds

200m Results

DH 36.4 seconds

DS10 41.1 seconds

Me 46.5 seconds

DS7 52.6 seconds

DS4 101 seconds

You can see the rest of my results in the pic I took of my scorecard. I can point out that 10yo did the 400m in 1:41 and it took me almost a full 30 seconds more. He is pretty fast (and I’m not!)

And I’m pretty sure if I did a real marathon it would be WAY, WAY slower. It’s a lot easier when you break it up, plus some of the times I used were me working hard to get halfway decent times for the 5k and 10k. My 5k time was my fastest ever. I did use a treadmill for most of the running though, other than today’s run (Stride Race, report up soon and the 1km from warm-up and track races Tuesday). ┬áProbably made my pace faster than it would have been on the road, but you know, no childcare and avoidance of mosquitoes, not all bad! Overall, this was truly fun and I’m so glad my family participated a little with me. Thanks for putting the games into place Jess!