Summer’s End

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Summer’s End

It’s September, which officially means the end of summer. Especially here in Alberta I think. We may still have a handful (or two if we are really lucky!) of warm days left this year, but this weekend isn’t looking so promising. I had hoped to get in a day at the beach before the crazy of back to school, but the Weather Network tells me not to count on that. I have plenty of work to catch up, but that just doesn’t sound as fun does it? I’d rather work like crazy today and have fun tomorrow, but if I want to do that I need a new kind of fun in my plan!

Summer ending makes me want to capture the moments that made this summer memorable, I wish I had taken notes or something. More pictures at least. But it was a fun summer so I’ll try to capture a little of it here. It was the summer where we saw giant cedars and a beautiful rock garden in BC, played at a ropes course in Revelstoke, had to hurry from our Canmore hotel (directly from the swimming pool of course!) because of a fire drill, and checked out Lake Louise and the Lake in the Clouds (so impressed the 4year old hiked most of the trail, only getting carried a couple of times).

Me with a Cedar

Rockgarden Trail, July 2012

Lake Louise, July 2012

Lake in the Clouds, Lake Louise, Alberta

Crossing a stream on the hiking trail

It was the summer with only one long weekend “vacation” but lots of fun activity days, especially when Dad had days off. We went to Chuck E. Cheese, bumper boats and bowling at West Edmonton Mall, and swimming and watersliding at Wild Waters in Winterburn. The oldest and I got to do a Scavenger Hunt at Capital Ex (thankfully now going back to its name of K-Days!) plus I took all three boys another day to Capital Ex to enjoy the rides and the sugar and all the other fun. We went to our local parade, the Grove Cruise and we went to the once a year drive-in movie. We went on bike rides, swam at the pool and ran at the track, we checked out tons of local parks and some not so local parks. We had fun, if not every day, then often enough.

Park in St. Albert

Going Old Park Style - Merry Go Round

It was a summer where my oldest starting showing his tween-ness. He likes to say things like “I’m okay with that” (so glad we have your approval buddy!) and he’s very concerned with seeming cool and well-dressed and athletic. It’s his last summer before middle school and I’m pretty sure that’s going to change some things. He’s already registered for another season of indoor soccer and I’m set to either coach or assistant coach again (well, probably!) He’s getting so tall he’s up to my chin and I can wear his shoes. By next year they will be too big for me. He was a great helper this summer, he carries in groceries, keeps an eye on the younger two and generally just listens (well, listens more than he used to anyway!)

10 year old Smiles for the Camera

It was a summer where my middle worked on his anger management. He hasn’t quite conquered the techniques for handling it, but I think he’s getting a lot closer. He’s such a wonderful and sensitive and emotional boy. He has higher highs and lower lows than the other two I think. I worry about that. He’s not looking forward to grade 3 this year, but I think after the first few weeks he’ll be okay. He always misses his last teacher so much, but before long he loves his new one. And if you want to talk about growing tall, he’s going to eclipse his big brother before you know it. He’s almost 3 years younger but only a couple of inches shorter. He’s taller at 8 than his older brother was at 9. Clothes can be an issue, because he is so thin. Thank goodness for skinny style jeans (I never thought I’d say that!) And he’s only about one size less in shoes than the older one. So big!

8 year old, in the A is for Angry shirt

And the baby. This was really his last babyish summer. He’s 5 this fall. He could be in kindergarten if I hadn’t decided to wait one more year (have I mentioned I hate late cut-offs and having to choose, although I suppose I should be glad to get to decide for myself when my baby goes to school).  Being 6 years younger than the oldest child, and over 3 years younger than the middle, often makes the littlest seem so young, but he’s really changing now. He speaks so much more clearly and uses fewer of his cute sayings (he still says “budders” instead of brothers sometimes, but less and less). He still isn’t too interested in writing his name or anything, but I can see now how likely he is to be in a good place by the end of this year of playschool. His baby belly is disappearing and he’s starting to have the slim build of his big brothers. He’s a fast little runner and he already seems to enjoy soccer, although we decided that he shouldn’t be on a team until he gets that you actually have to share the ball with your teammates without crying about it. Little boy also actually figured out the Wii and will be a MarioKart pro before you know it, watch out big brothers!

Super Strong 4 year old

As for me, as I’ve mentioned, it wasn’t my most successful summer as a work at home mom. And I didn’t have much success in the lose a marathon challenge and I’m just in my baby stages of getting rid of sugar. There have been successes though and I need to learn to be quicker to add those up instead of only noticing the setbacks. I started my latest university course – well, technically today actually is the start date, but I’ve had the books since July and have been diligently getting my reading done, I’m loving the material (SOCI 316, Sociology of Families). I didn’t run consistently, but I did get in 2-4 workouts most weeks and I’ve got things in place to be even more on track as fall kicks off. My bike is set up in our new workout room, a couple of TV series have been downloaded for use with the Apple TV down there and I have a fridge full of healthy produce. I am even making kale chips this afternoon! I might have to ease up on running, substituting with some walking or something, because my Achilles has been aching and I don’t want to push it too hard. Still, I feel ready and I’m hoping to even get back to some swimming once a week during playschool hours. Thank goodness for playschool breaks!

So summer may be ending, but every ending brings a beginning….bring on the fun of fall!

Featured Image, Earth and Sky, © Withrow, Flickr, Creative Commons