Summerside Race Report

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** Post copied over from old Mobile Mommy site – since I messed up that site I only had this in my feed reader (and thank goodness for that!) but it seems to be copying over all right. I’m going to put a few of my running related posts from Mobile Mommy up here at Just Start Mama – they give some background to my journey after all 🙂

Summerside Sprint Triathlon – Race Report

from Mobile Mommy by Laurie

I never did get a race report up for my first triathlon, the U of A Spring Thaw Try-a-Tri, but I definitely can’t miss sharing THIS race report – for my very first sprint distance triathlon!! It was on June 26 in Edmonton, the Summerside Triathlon.

I’m going to do most of my summary in a timeline format – hope you enjoy!

5:15 a.m. – Up nice and early. Too early, lol. 3yo had a rough night and kindly acquired a fever somewhere in the wee hours which meant not much sleep at all. Oh well, who needs sleep anyway?! Lots of time for a bag check, to load up my bike and to eat a tiny bit of breakfast. I’m so not a morning eater, it was hard to force even half a bowl of bran flakes down.

6:15 a.m. – On our way to Summerside. Husband and kiddos were with me and that was really, really wonderful. It was lonely going by myself the first time. We got to the area WAY early so made a Starbucks stop so mama could enjoy a latte. I was so anxious by that point I forgot to get the kids hot chocolates! I had to go back in lol.

7ish: Found a parking spot and I headed into transition to set up. Found the rack for sprint participants and got organized.

After setup I had some time to kill. I took a few pics, then went and hung out in the car with DH and the boys. It was a little chilly so I wanted to stay warm. See how the water looked at this point:


Yeah it looked yucky to me too! Oh well. Pre-race meeting at 8:30, watched the Oly race start at 9ish, then time to pull on my wetsuit and get ready for the 10 am start. I looked extremely lovely in my wetsuit (not!!) – I’m sharing the picture even though it is awful. p.s. all pics are from my iphone and not great quality – sorry! We forgot the good camera.

Time sped up a lot at this point. I forgot to eat anything and realized as I put on my wetsuit that I was going to be sorry. Sucked back my first ever Gu Gel (Espresso). I know it was a bad idea to try something new on race day, but thankfully it worked fine! At least I remembered to pee several times before putting on my wetsuit (that darn latte!) even if I didn’t remember to eat enough. Ok and my stomach was turning and I was scared to eat.

10:00 am: SWIM: Timing chip strapped on, goggles in place, horn blows and away we go. The water was actually warmer than I expected (no I didn’t warm up – should have though!) The start wasn’t too chaotic, even with men and women sprinters starting together, but I did not enjoy the swim. Between the wetsuit and choppy water I had a choking feeling most of the way.I pretty much abandoned all hope of swimming anything but breaststroke. Still feel ok with that decision, I need to get a good freestyle in place, but in the meantime staying comfortable was more important than being fast in the water. My speed wasn’t all that bad for me anyway – approximately 22 minutes to swim 750 m. I think there were maybe 4 people out of the water slower than me; glad I was able to not be last!

T1: Wasn’t too hard to rip off my wetsuit and yank on my bike shoes and then I was off. Decided against an extra layer of clothes despite the chilly weather and that was the right choice. It wasn’t too cold when I got myself working hard enough and the extra long-sleeve layer would have gotten in my way.

BIKE: My bike splits were pretty much exactly what I hoped for. It took me about 50 minutes to do the 20km out and back route. Some of the road was AWFUL, but overall the bike was really good. There were significant headwinds on the way back, but it was manageable. The route was nice and flat which I enjoyed. I did lose my pretty pink water bottle when I dropped it after having a quick drink, but that was a minor loss. I didn’t get a flat tire at least, and I have to say with the rough ride that was a real worry.

T2: Racked the bike no problem, changed into my running shoes and pulled on my SkirtSports race belt skirt. Somehow forgot which way to exit transition but thankfully got pointed in the right direction quickly and was off to start the two lap run course.

RUN: By the time I started the run I was feeling so great. I knew I had it in me to finish in decent time and I was so excited to really be meeting my goals. I did take a couple of walk breaks as I expected I would, but overall kept my pace up pretty good. I started to feel REALLY hungry on the second lap, but I knew I had to just power through. I finished in just over 33 minutes – 9 minutes faster than my 5k time from March! Not bad after a swim and bike :)

Close to Noon: Finish: I hit the finish line with a total time of around 1:50, well under my goal of under two hours. I loved hearing them call my name as I crossed the line and even better I got a finisher’s medal. They didn’t advertise having them so that was a nice little bonus – and it’s so cute! I actually almost started to cry after finishing – I was overwhelmed with what I had just done and so proud to have met my goals.


Post Race: Food needed STAT! I grabbed half a muffin then packed up my stuff and left. I would have enjoyed the award ceremony etc. but 3yo was sleeping off his fever and I knew it would be better to just get a move on while he was resting, instead of waking him and dealing with his sick crankiness. Grabbed some lunch at Ikea and stopped off at MIL’s house, then home to relax.

Overall this triathlon experience was so exhilarating that I’m almost certainly going to have to do another one. First up on my training schedule though is a fall half-marathon, next year is probably soon enough for another tri, gives me lots of time to work on my swim stroke and my overall speed. I’m using biking 2x per week as cross-training during my half-marathon training, so I’m hopeful that I’ll just keep on improving!