Surgical Setback

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Surgical Setback

So that half-marathon I registered for? It’s not happening probably. My first week of training was going pretty well, until I hopped on my bike trainer for cross-training on day 6. Things went to hell in a flash. The flash was the bike somehow coming off the trainer and throwing me, bike and all, hard to the left. I landed on my wrist. A diagnosis of a fractured wrist left me in a pretty pink cast after a (thankfully) fast trip to the ER. My first major broken bone at age 38. Ugh!

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But the story gets better than that. Because I’m apparently not one to just simply break my arm. Nope, two days after my trip to the ER I got a call from the ortho doc who reviewed my x-rays. The fracture extended into my joint and needed surgery. So I got to make arrangements for my boys during a very busy week and I got to spend over 24 hours in the day surgery ward at the Sturgeon Hospital (because of course they couldn’t find me a proper bed and I got to recover in the ward instead). I came home sore and exhausted. But hey, no more pretty pink cast, instead I have a metal plate in my wrist, some screws, a half cast and some bandaging (medical lingo = open reduction internal fixation surgery). Repeat x-rays and probable splint in two weeks, with expected recovery time of 6-8 weeks plus physio after.

This is all so much fun, especially for someone who makes a living typing. Fortunately I can manage one-handed, albeit a bit slowly. And thank goodness for big boys who help their mama a lot šŸ™‚


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