Taking a Break

By on 9-20-2012 in Featured, Hoping for Health

Taking a Break

No, I’m not talking about a blogging break. I mean really, I’m so inconsistent I wouldn’t exactly need to announce something like that, would I? No I’m talking about a real, live break from the everyday. Not that the everyday is so bad or anything. It’s just so, normal…and exhausting…and busy…and did I mention exhausting? Even when my work isn’t super crazy (which it wasn’t today, but it’s looking to be hectic next week, especially with one full day at a training seminar in the city) I feel perpetually tired lately. Summer was so nice and generally laid back. And now I’m driving to 3 schools (well, on playschool days) and the littlest already has his first fall cold and that makes me feel extra tired today. Because a cold is not just a cold when you are four. It’s an excuse for a fever and a cough and a stuffy nose to push you into mama’s bed every night and to toss and turn and whine and whine and whine some more. Yeah, it’s fun here. I can’t imagine why I need want to get away. Not to mention I really need to take care of myself a little so I don’t end up with that stupid pneumonia again this fall. I cannot repeat last year, I just can’t.

Anyway, next month my BFF and I are heading far-ish away on a girls weekend. It’s only one time zone, but we need our passports. I probably should find mine soon. I hope it’s in the safe like I think it is.

We last attempted such fun a couple of years ago. My littlest was actually still fairly small and I didn’t want to go far, so we drove to Red Deer. I think this time will be way more fun. We are headed to downtown Seattle. We have booked a decent sounding hotel plus some serious pampering at a spa and we have plans to drink many, many martinis. And don’t worry, we smartly planned our hotel so that we could walk to the hotel after consuming said martinis. We shall, well actually only me because she is not a coffee girl, drink many cups of coffee, hopefully find a couple of good cupcakes, walk all over downtown and take many photos. Probably iPhone photos because I’m too lazy to take along the good camera! I’d rather save my luggage space for essentials like running shoes, dancing shoes and bulky sociology textbooks. Also, and just for fun, we are planning to get pretty much zero sleep the last night away, because really why pay for a hotel when you have to be at the airport at the crazy early hour of 4am? So let’s just play scrabble at the airport instead. Thus assuring we come home tired and cranky. My boys wouldn’t recognize me otherwise anyway. I wish I was kidding when I said that!

This trip has been on our minds for a long time, although only in real planning for a couple of weeks. It’s way too easy to put off taking that me-time isn’t it? I don’t know why we don’t find more creative and manageable ways to get the breaks in. BFF and I have actually said (will we follow through is the question!) that we need to just have once-per-quarter sleepovers at her house with face masks, self-pedicures and of course scrabble, instead of waiting two years between spa trips. Home spa stuff can be totally fun I know, we just need to actually DO it. Someone remind me in about 3 months that we’re due for a spa party, ok? Thanks!

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