Talking While Running

By on 8-04-2011 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Last fall when I decided to start running, I dragged my BFF and her boyfriend out on a couple of runs outside. It was pretty chilly, but not too bad – my biggest problem was trying to talk while we ran. I remember having read that at an easy running pace you should be able to have a conversation but I just couldn’t – I was busy gasping for air and we were NOT going fast.

A couple of days ago I dragged that same friend out for a summer evening run. She hadn’t been keeping up, even though she normally is more consistent with her running than me, because she had been busy the last few months planning her wedding and such. Now that the wedding is over she wants to get back to running so I “encouraged” her to join me for a 9pm run. We did 5k with several walk breaks and an average pace of 8 min/k. I was so amazed when I realized that it was technically too slow for me and I could sooooo easily carry on a conversation this time! It was worth going slow to run with a friend, without any doubt, and really exciting to realize truly how much progress I have made in these past several months.