Thankful For Thursday

By on 8-18-2011 in Featured, Getting Grateful, That Mom Stuff

I saw the title “Thankful For Thursday” in a message board forum, and without even reading the thread, felt inspired! I don’t know what they wrote about, but I’m going to make Thursdays the day of the week I write about one thing I am thankful for.

This week, I am super thankful for my mom. My mom moved in with us just under a year ago. She left a bad relationship and needed a place to call home that would actually feel safe and secure. I certainly like to believe she has found that with us, even if she has also gained some serious noise levels and chaos thanks to her three grandsons! My boys love having her here and while I have some personal issues that make me feel guilty leaving her in charge too often, she has REALLY made it easier for me to get in some outside runs or rides. I usually wait til the boys go to bed (around 8 pm), putting on my running clothes while they have baths and get ready for bed. Then I’m out the door and enjoying some peaceful time alone. With a husband who works out of town for weeks at a time, another adult in the house has been a true blessing and I am so thankful.

What are you thankful for this week? Share in comments or link to a post – I’d love to read about it!