The Art of Product Promotion

By on 4-17-2012 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

The Art of Product Promotion

Yesterday I received a pitch by email. It was actually my first pitch since changing my blog to “Laurie Runs Life” and it was kind of exciting, even more so because it was (in my mind anyway) a pretty decently written pitch. Although I was impressed by the fact that I even was pitched to, and that it was more or less appropriate to my blog, I was struggling with whether or not to accept the offer. Then I read this post by Problogger. Interestingly, I was reading it because it was a post with an amazing offer in it (who wouldn’t want to be a blogging correspondent for Queensland!!) but what really caught my attention was this comment by Darren Rowse:

Two years ago I created a list of things I would feel comfortable endorsing.  It was a dream list of products that I would love to promote because I genuinely feel a love for them. (emphasis added)

It was a lightbulb moment and it really brought home the lessons I brought home from BlogWest. What is my purpose? Why am I here? I don’t mind endorsing products I love, I would sing the praises of some events or places or activities because I already care about them. I think I’m going to make a proper list of things I would feel comfortable endorsing and stick with it. But what I’m not going to do? I’m not going to become a random review blog. I can only promote the products that have meaning or value for me, so I’m turning down that email pitch, but I’m going to give them some props right now, for no money, because I was impressed by the way they reached out to me. So I can’t tell you if Swiss Natural supplements work, and I’m not going to try them out (honestly, I’m terrible about remembering to take my vitamins so I’m sure I’d forget to take these too!) but I will say they reached out to me in a way that made me think they actually looked at my blog and thought about if I’d be a good fit for their company. That says something good about them doesn’t it?

Now, let’s just hope I somehow get picked to go to Queensland for five days. I could without hesitation write many blog posts about that opportunity, and boy would I love to go for a couple of runs in the incredible beauty of Australia. Maybe along the beach near the Great Barrier Reef?! Cross your fingers for me please!

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