The Getting Them to School Dilemma

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May 4, 2010 6:52 PM

The Getting Them to School Dilemma


by Laurie

When my oldest started kindergarten, I was still a full-time work-out-of-home mom. I was in fact quite pregnant with my youngest and overall, it was a difficult experience for me, especially the part where Big Boy had to take the school bus to and from daycare.

Eventually we adjusted to the school bus thing, working out a deal where I drove him to and from school on Fridays. I was lucky enough to make it work the last couple of months before starting my maternity leave, and I’ve never gone back to employment (outside of the home) since. I kept him going on the bus other than Fridays though, because it was less disruptive to my day, especially with the baby taking afternoon naps.

This year my middle child started kindergarten. He also takes the school bus and the Friday deal is still in place. Overall, it’s an arrangement that works pretty well, at least for me. When the kids take the bus they leave at 7:55 am and return at 3:45 pm. When I drive we leave at 8:15 and I have to be back at the school for pick up at 3:05 pm. Having them take the bus gives me almost an extra hour in my day it seems, and since the littlest still often naps in the afternoon, it’s convenient for him too.

Here’s where the dilemma part comes in though. We live in what is considered an urban bus route and we pay a small fee for the service. Well, this year, and past years, the fee has been not too bad anyway. We paid $200 this year for both kids to take the bus for the whole year. Next year though? They are doubling the fee – so my fee would be $400, for essentially taking the bus less than 200 days a year. I don’t really want to start getting myself out of the door to get them to school, partially because I prefer to stay in my pj’s and partially because I like to be at my desk working at 8 for a couple of hours while baby is still in the mood to self-entertain. My husband thinks it’s a waste of $400 to send them on the bus and they would definitely prefer to get a ride every day.

What’s a wahm to do? Suck it up and deal with the daily drop-off and pick-up game (also made not fun by traffic and plenty of bad weather) or spend the money to keep things the way I like them? Decisions, decisions….

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