The Rest Not So Much

By on 1-25-2014 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

The Rest Not So Much

Running I’m actually managing…this week at least. But the rest of life? Not so much. I’m just keeping my head above water, getting the bare minimums of everything done it feels like. I’m tired all the time. And yet for some reason, maybe just another form of procrastination to avoid all the important things on the many to do lists, I actually have felt like writing lately. Of course feeling like writing doesn’t often translate to actual writing, but look, here I am with a blog post spilling out of me. It may not lead to much but I’m going to hit publish no matter what because anything is better than nothing.

Why does January seem to suck every year? I enjoyed a decent break at the holidays but instead of feeling invigorated come January I feel just blah. I don’t feel like working, I don’t feel like cleaning my house, I don’t feel like much of anything but tv watching. Healthy attitude I know. It’s like I’m being sucked into a dark hole. And this January hasn’t even been very cold or anything! Well, actually apparently it has been awful in many parts of the US, but here in the land of cold and miserable Januaries we are actually having temperatures above zero and melting snow. Very weird to be honest, but the blue skies and sunshine usually help with my moodiness. Maybe I’ll blame the wind; I had a headache for over a week during a really windy spell a few days back.

Well, whatever the reason that January sucks for me, can I just hope that February clears the cobwebs and gets me on track? Because I really need to be more productive. There are a lot of perks to self-employment, but a lack of motivation causes cash flow issues galore. And apparently I’m not winning the lottery anytime soon, something to do with not buying tickets I guess, so I actually need to earn a living and everything.

Plus there’s the whole mothering thing that means I need to actually be on my game sometimes. I ran out of bread the other morning for heaven’s sake – I never do that! Good thing that I had some frozen hot dog buns to make sandwiches out of.  Good enough is just fine with me – although I’m pretty sure the 6yo doesn’t agree when it interferes with his lunch preferences.

Ugh. I swear more thoughts were swirling around in my head earlier that I wanted to write about….too bad they seem to disappear when I actually put my fingers on the keyboard. Those words are in my head somewhere, but they are elusive and I can’t quite grasp how to make them come together in a story that will make sense to even me if I read it tomorrow. I guess that means I’ve got enough down for now and I’ll have to try again soon. Good night people everywhere.


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