Things I am Thankful For

By on 10-12-2013 in Featured, Getting Grateful

Things I am Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I guess officially Thanksgiving is only Monday, but my family has never really celebrated on the Monday – we usually get together for dinner on Sunday. This year we are having dinner together today, Saturday! And last year I was busy ignoring the holiday altogether while enjoying a spa getaway with my BFF.

It really is good to pause at this time of year and think about what we are thankful for – isn’t it? So, in no particular order, here’s a list of things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  • That my littlest finally stopped crying at kindergarten drop-off this week. Here’s hoping it lasts!
  • That I finally know when all the boys’ will have soccer practices this season. Three days of practice, plus three games per week – busy, busy.
  • That I have family to celebrate with this Thanksgiving.
  • That the sun is shining. And it hasn’t snowed yet this fall 🙂
  • That my business is continuing to truly thrive.
  • That I have better health than I’ve had in a long time. Okay, my achilles isn’t healed and the hoarse voice appears to be permanent – but there’s no pneumonia or even a cold hanging around right now!
  • That my boys are all healthy.
  • That I live in Canada.
  • That the fall tv season has started.
  • That every day is a new opportunity.



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