Time to Get Dirty

By on 4-17-2013 in Featured, I Call it Racing, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Time to Get Dirty

Okay, I still haven’t signed up for an actual 10k for June, but I am training almost consistently lately. And I did manage to sign my husband and myself up for our very first mud/obstacle run this summer! We’re doing the Mud Hero in Red Deer just before we go away on vacation. Perfect way to start a relaxing week, right?

The thing about mud races like this is that you can’t just train by running, you know? The race itself is 6km, which is easily manageable for me, but there are also a pile of obstacles – everything from crawling through mud to climbing a cargo net. I sure hope the weather isn’t too cold!

To prepare myself sort of properly I’m trying to throw a bunch of strength training into my routine. Sometimes I stop running halfway through my planned mileage and do some exercises (pushups, squats, kettlebells). Sometimes I just try to do my strength training at a different time of day. Depends mostly on how much time I have open. It’s forcing me to be a little more flexible and to work out more than once per day (well, not ALL days of course!) I think I’m more motivated now than I have been in a while. That’s worth the entry fee all by itself.

Have you ever done a mud or obstacle run? I’d love any tips!


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