Training Plan C for Half Marathon

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Training Plan C for Half Marathon

It’s possible, just possible, that I keep having to re-start my training for my half-marathon in June. I’ve been so off and on, and really too much off, that it’s ridiculous. I ran 10k on Sunday as my entry into the Jelly Bean Virtual Race and then I took three days off. I really should have run today. Instead I ate a LOT of chocolate chip cookie dough and played a fair bit of Zuma Blitz. I felt like a zombie. Clearly there was too much sugar in my diet for the day.

So here I go again – getting myself onto a training plan (Plans A and B, making this Training Plan C lol). Tomorrow the 4yo has playschool (yay!) and I *am* going to run while he’s in school. It’s supposed to snow tonight, and if so I won’t bother with outside. I’m a wimp if I haven’t mentioned before. I’m thinking of heading to the track at the gym. I could sneak in a short swim after even. The hot tub is calling my name already, and might actually be incentive to get my butt in gear.

My plan if you are interested:

I’m not sure if I’ll keep Thursdays as rest days or switch to Wednesdays. Thursdays are typically hectic, the boys have Kung Fu at night and I’m often rushing to finish week-end projects for clients. Plus the little guy has school in the afternoon and that can be a great time to exercise or can be a way of making my day choppy. So I’ll probably adjust those two days on a regular basis depending on how the weeks are going.

Someone hold me accountable to this new plan now, pretty please?!!


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