Treadmill Frustration

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Nov 28, 2010 9:11 PM

Treadmill Frustration


by Laurie

On Friday I was so excited to get my treadmill! I’ve been pretty consistent in using my bike, but -30 temperatures kept me from any outdoor runs and a snotty-nosed three year old kept me from hitting the gym. A treadmill is a welcome addition in my chaotic life, but there was a little problem. Little as in 200 pounds in a box to be dragged into the house and then down the stairs-yikes!!! With a bit of help from my mom I got it in the house, then I ripped open the box and carried individual pieces downstairs. I waited until Saturday morning to attempt assembly and spent almost 3 hours getting it put together. All done around noon, it looked like all systems were go and I was thrilled! In the early evening I decided to go for my first run and…Houston we have a problem. Half the buttons don’t work! Like the enter and speed buttons, ugh. The program buttons mostly worked so I did get my run in, but I’m going to get to see if the customer service line is any good tomorrow. Sigh.

Today I biked again-11km, my longest ride on the trainer so far! Nice positive note to end the weekend on. And I finished two important school assignments -even better!

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