Trying Not to Helicopter

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Trying Not to Helicopter

So it’s summer – which is awesome. And no school means some relaxed schedules and fun times for the boys. My oldest is 11yo and he’s ready for a little bit of freedom. It’s kind of hard though – letting go. I’ve never thought of myself as the helicopter type of parent, but am realizing now that maybe I just am not AS helicopter-ish as some people, but nevertheless I haven’t been a total free-range type either!

Let’s face it, during the school year there just doesn’t seem to be much time for running around freely. Three quarters of the time it’s cold or miserable outside and my little darlings prefer not to go out. Plus there are activities (soccer, soccer and more soccer!), schoolwork, etc. And bedtime is earlier than it is right now. It all adds up to kids who are pretty close at hand most of the time.

But now Mr. Big Boy wants to go off and ride his bike with his friends. Which is totally tame and totally age appropriate and it’s actual in-person visiting instead of just Skype and Minecraft. So of course I let him go, but there’s a part of me that worries while he’s gone. It will get easier, right?

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