Up and Running

By on 3-15-2012 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

Well, what do you think? Just Start Mama has officially become Laurie Runs Life. I feel ready to start journeying on a slightly updated blogging path. Well, after I go finish my sociology assignment, and some work. I’m so behind and I spent way too much time last night playing with blog themes and plugins. It was fun, but now, even though I need to tweak a few more things and look into getting a nicer logo (the current one was just me and a word document – yikes!) it’s time to get back to some serious stuff. My sociology class (Athabasca University) contract end date is March 31-two weeks from now. I have two assignments, a big essay and a final exam all in that time. Not the best planning, but I’ll get it done.

I’m sure my blogging will be a little slow until I finish class. The good news is that by the time I’m done my course it will be more spring-like weather. I cannot wait to be done with winter. It’s been nice actually here this year, but another snowstorm is in the forecast for the weekend. Gotta love Alberta weather!

Oh and if you were subscribed to Just Start Mama’s feed, please make sure you update your feed settings – thanks!!