Use Your Words

By on 4-24-2012 in Featured, What Inspires Me

Use Your Words
*This post was inspired by the Momalom 5 for 5’s topic of the day, Words. Also, today’s 5 for 5 is done in conjunction with Just Write.

“Use. Your. Words.”

I say this phrase to my kids a billion times a week or so I think. I mean, say how you feel, don’t hit your brother in frustration. I mean, tell me what you want, don’t just cry. I mean use a whole sentence when you are asking me for something, please don’t just grunt.  I am trying to help them understand the power of words. That words can hurt and heal, show love, encourage hate, teach, comfort, calm, inspire and so much more.

Last night I was thinking about how often I ask my boys to use their words, and in the randomness that is my brain I realized that I need to use my words more too. I need to use them here on this blog, I need to recognize the changes I will find in myself if I just use my words to explore where I want to be. Some days I need to just write, like Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary encourages her readers to do. As I put pen fingers to paper keyboard, I’m pretty sure I’ll learn a lot about this evolving person that I am. Maybe I’ll finally start to believe that I can do what I want to do, even if the road will be a bit winding and uphill. Just maybe using my words will help me find my answers.



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