Vacation Workouts

By on 8-03-2011 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

I’m heading to Florida (Disneyworld!) in a couple of weeks and I of course am planning on taking my running shoes with me because my training plan calls for a couple of runs in the five days I’m gone. I stick to that plan baby – I’m too Type A to not!

I’ve never really worked out much on vacation before. I once ran on a treadmill on a girls getaway weekend, but honestly? Some of the other girls in my room were driving me bananas and I ran away to the gym, even though I had barely ever run before, lol.

I kind of would like to run outside in Florida, but I have to wonder if the humidity will be too much for me. Late August in Florida – any tips anyone? Thankfully there is a gym in my hotel with a couple of treadmills, so I should be okay to run there if need be. DH and I will swap out run time so someone else can watch the kids at the pool – should keep everyone pretty happy.

Well, I’m actually due to go run now (7k on the “plan”!) so off I go 🙂