WAHM Wednesday: Flexibility

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Mar 24, 2010 8:11 AM

WAHM Wednesday: Flexibility


by Laurie

Wow! Things have been crazy all over here lately! One of my regular clients has been on holiday, so I started off being slower last week for work. Then a different client upped the amount of work being sent and I got a couple of other projects from yet other clients – and suddenly I’m a little busy again. I love being busy though – it makes me feel needed and energized!

Household wise, my 5yo got a significant rash last week and I was worried about chicken pox, so that added some chaos. He was so itchy he could barely sleep the first day, which of course means I couldn’t sleep, so we had a cranky household on Saturday. The doctor suspected it was just a random viral rash, not chicken pox, but still recommended he stay out of school a couple of days, so I had to rearrange my usual child-free Tuesday to Thursday. Which means I’m REALLY looking forward to tomorrow, lol.

I’m grateful that my work at home business allows me the flexibility to make these changes though. It’s nice to have that kind of control over my schedule, and I had no trouble getting work done around the 5yo, it just wasn’t the quiet I crave on a Tuesday. I count down to that peaceful day every week!


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