Watching the Stars

By on 8-14-2013 in Featured, That Mom Stuff

Watching the Stars

I didn’t have an official summer bucket list, although I had all these plans for the summer, many of which have not worked out so well. But I did have one thing on my “in my head” summer bucket list that I can happily now say I’ve done! I wanted to see a meteor shower and I knew the Perseids shower was an annual August event that we should be able to view. Plus Perseids make us think of Percy Jackson in this house (we loved the new movie when we saw it last week) so added bonus.

I’ve been watching for clear skies at night for a couple of days and last night it seemed like it might be okay. I set my alarm for 2am, as I understand that the later it was the better the viewing might be. It was a little shocking to get up at the time, but at least I knew I was going back to bed after! The boys were super excited when I woke them up and quickly were down the stairs with blankets trailing to hop in the car and drive a bit away from the lights. Unfortunately it was pretty foggy in the area I drove out to, so we ended up just parking at a ball diamond in our town’s industrial area which had not much light nearby. We set out our picnic blankets on the lovely hard ground, laid all four of us in a row and then covered up with an assortment of blankets and lay back to watch the stars and the sky. It was so beautiful – dark and quiet except for a few insect noises. And the occasional crunch of an animal cracker and little boy giggles.

We did not see a lot of meteors, but each of us saw at least one in the 45 minutes or so we lay out there. Forty-five minutes being the max that I could keep the younger two from driving me crazy getting middle of the night giggles and totally distracting me and the oldest from our star watching 😉 Despite how few meteors we saw though, it was an experience we’ll never forget. We looked at constellations, watched a plane move across the dark sky, got scared by a bird and basically just enjoyed some nature time, together. They all thanked me for taking them to see the meteor “shower” this morning. It was a perfect night.



Featured image © Torian – (Our meteors weren’t quite that bright, but you get the idea!)