We Are All Supermoms

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Jun 9, 2010 4:49 PM

We Are All Supermoms


by Laurie

Today I’m grateful to be featured on the cool new site Not So Supermom. I love this site because really, aren’t we all Supermoms, by virtue of NOT being super and perfect all the time? To be the best mom you have to be real – flawed and busy and tired and in love with your kids.

I first read Angie Mizzell’s work (Not So Supermom creator) over on Hybrid Mom, which lead me to Angie’s personal blog, Under the Mac. Finding Angie’s work has been really exciting for me, because I’m always on the search for more moms that seem to be in similar situations to me. Moms who combine work and motherhood in whatever forms because it’s my reality – not because I think it’s a bad thing to be a mom who doesn’t work (hey, to each her own you know!)

Speaking of Supermoms, yesterday my friend told me I was a fabulous mom, when I complained that I was missing my baby – my sister had kindly taken him for the day/night while I helped out on a field trip for my kindergartener. I had asked her to take him for the day, but was going to pick him up after school. Considering she lives an hour away, my sis said just leave him till morning, it’ll be fun! But I missed him even though he is loud and busy and always needs something. You’d think I’d appreciate the break more! Fabulous mom? I don’t know about that – I yell too often and I don’t feed them enough vegetables. I sure do love them though.

Thankfully it’s now the morning after and I’m going to set aside any work to do this afternoon – after I pick up my little guy. Best part of being a self-employed wahm, my schedule is sort-of mostly up to me!


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