What a Week

By on 2-29-2012 in Featured, Hoping for Health

It’s only Wednesday right? It feels like Friday already. It has to be Friday already!! Ok, really I’m glad it’s Wednesday because DH comes home from work today and I am so glad.  I miss him plus I need the help, lol.

I spent this past weekend+ dealing with an intestinal bug courtesy of the 4yo, who had the same lovely bug last weekend. Not fun for any of us. It left me playing serious catch up this week for work and other stuff. I am now realizing it’s the last day of February and my March plate is overflowing already. Some of the stuff in March is great (especially BlogWest next weekend!) but the end of March is also the end of my contract date on my sociology 288 class. I still have 2.5 quizzes to finish, a 20 page essay to write and a final exam to take. No pressure or anything.  Right after I hit publish I’m going to finish the second half of my quiz at least, so I can cross a “half” a to-do off my list.

After my school assignment I’ll have to get back to work for a bit then I might actually have to get dressed so I can pick up the kids from school! I used to think staying in pajamas all day would be good, but lately I’m thinking it might not be for the best to do this all the time. I feel a little less organized somehow not being dressed early in the day. But real clothes are uncomfortable when you are sick and I’ve been sick so much I’ve practically given up on being properly dressed. Plus when I feel healthy (when is that again?!) I often wait to get dressed because I workout midday and then have a shower/get dressed and get back to work. THAT is a good reason to not get dressed right away at least. Well, I think so!

Okay, enough procrastinating, back to the grind. Maybe I can even attempt a walk on the treadmill later, if I keep feeling okay. Not ready to run just yet, but a walk is better than sitting on this couch forever.