When to Work Out

By on 2-22-2012 in Run, Run, Run, Runaway

When to Work Out

A constant dilemma for me is when to work out. The best time of day might be early before the kids are up, but honestly? I’m not a morning person. Not even a little bit. Maybe someday when my kids all sleep through the night 98% of the time (currently we are sitting at maybe 20% of the time if I’m being generous with my estimate). On that note, why on earth doesn’t my 4 year old sleep better than he does?!

My favorite time of day to work out is right in the middle of the day. Working at home makes this way more manageable for me than it is for a lot of my friends, so I’m grateful for the option. I get the kids off to school, I get the urgent work jobs of the day finished and then get in my run or bike ride, before showering, getting properly dressed and going to pick the kiddos up from school. Unfortunately, things certainly can interfere with my plans for the day. Sometimes they are by choice (ie. today I went for lunch with my mom and then shopping, so here I am at 8pm with no workout in yet), sometimes it is work that piles up and means I’m behind schedule, sometimes it’s the extra playschool dropoff at 1pm that throws my timing off.

In the warmer months, I like to actually run outside occasionally, but to make that work I usually have to change things up time-wise. Because while I can run on my treadmill when the kids are around, outside running requires either childcare (or my husband to actually be home, lol, but he really isn’t that often) or for me to do a track workout. I have childcare available (aka, grandma) most evenings, and thankfully it is light outside pretty late. Track workouts can be done during the daytime and they do at least get me outside, but they are sort of like being on a glorified treadmill too. And the track has to be one of the local ones with a playground attached to hopefully keep the boys busy for a while.

Deciding when (and where) to run, is something that keeps me on my toes. And today, since I planned rather poorly, I’m off to get in my run. At night. On the treadmill. Sigh.

Then I have a  couple more hours of work to do. I really didn’t plan well today did I? Lunch out might have been a bad idea 😉

Photo Track and Field copyright Olli Alopaeus, Creative Commons license