The Why Question and a New Domain Name

By on 3-14-2012 in Featured, The Blogging Thing

The Why Question and a New Domain Name

Right after a blog conference and people maybe discovering my blog is probably a not-so-smart time to decide to change my blog name. Truthfully though, I was so inspired by the conference that I just *have* to change my blog name! As many other conference attendees have been saying in their recap posts, one of the big sticking points for several sessions boiled down to the question: WHY? Why do you blog? Why should someone read your blog? Why do you feel passionate about _______ (fill in your concept!)

And I finally, finally, after all the time I have spent being involved in the blogosphere, realized WHY I have this blog. Gosh I hope I can articulate this right. Trying to define myself has slowed my blogging efforts (should I try to be a wahm blogger, a fitness blogger, a review blogger, a weight loss blogger, “just” a mom blogger) enough in the past – time to move forward.

I want my blog to be a place where I can learn to be more me. Does that even make sense to you? I feel like I have spent a lot of my life trying to fit into some mold or other or even just trying to hold everything around me together that I never really learned to be happy with myself. I want to share my journey of trying to want to be fitter and healthier (cause no matter how much I do some things like run, too many days I’d rather just eat chocolate, but that’s not a smart choice). I want to engage with people who are at the same sort of crossroads, we spent our time being the kids and the teenagers. We spent our time learning at school and finding partners and spouses. We had babies and wrestled with a million parenting choices and then we wake up one day and wonder where on earth *we* disappeared to. Then we try to find ourselves through blogs or hobbies or new careers. Is that working out for anyone else? Snort.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m doing such a great job STILL of distilling down the why in words, but I do feel in my head like I finally know what I want to talk about here. So if you want to hear about balancing a work at home business with 3 kids, a husband and my mother: stick around.  If you want to hear about trying to eat better and training to run some races: stick around. If you want to hear about making crafts with kids, being a foodie, branding, parenting tips, etc: I’m not your girl. My kids are getting old enough that I’m going to start drawing lines about blogging too much detail about them. This is for me as Laurie, not me as Mama. So I’m taking Mama out of my blog title altogether; I’ve chosen a new domain name more in line with two particular topics I’m going to focus on.

Drumroll please………………the new blog name (whenever I actually get the move in place, maybe this weekend or next, after I finish my sociology paper, lol) will be:

Laurie Runs Life

It plays on running, which is going to be a strong focus (I’m going to run at least one half-marathon and my first obstacle race this year) and life, aka the tightrope balancing act I walk in trying to fully parent and enjoy my family life while running my virtual legal assistant business and working on getting my Bachelor of Arts. Hope you stick around for the show.


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