Wonder Woman Syndrome

By on 1-25-2012 in Featured, WAHM

Working at home has given me wonder woman syndrome. Well, kind of. You see, I take on WAY too much because I think I can do as much as wonder woman and then I try to get it all done and before you know it I fall down in exhaustion. For some reason having a part-time home-based business makes me think I have a lot of “free” time. Yep, I am crazy. I do NOT have a lot of free time!

I bill maybe 15 hours (most weeks) in my business. That isn’t a ton, but I also probably put in another 10-15 easily doing other things – my billing, networking, website maintenance, responding to potential clients, etc. I am working on getting my Bachelor of Arts degree (Athabasca University – love distance education!) and that takes a few hours a week. The 4yo isn’t in childcare, just playschool a couple of times a week. So most of the time he’s here “helping” me. Not to mention how playschool comes with parent helper days, field trip chauffeuring and other duties, so the alone time really isn’t so much. There are a million and twenty-two activities to chauffeur the older two boys to (okay 2 activities each plus school-same thing!) There are meals to make, laundry to do, a house to clean (ha, ha, just kidding – I don’t do much cleaning), exercise to fit it and so much other stuff I feel like my head is going to explode just listing it. Everyone has lists like this – it’s not like I’m special. But I just can’t keep up sometimes. And I pretend to be the President of ICAN Canada too, but honestly? That poor volunteer job has suffered terribly the last several months. I care about birth and cesareans and vbacs – but I’m either not passionate enough or I’m just overwhelmed and that is easy to let slide. Anyone know another wonder woman wannabe who wants a side job as ICAN President?!