Work at Home Wednesday: Show me the Spring

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Mar 31, 2010 10:14 PM

Work at Home Wednesday: Show me the Spring


by Laurie

It’s officially spring right? According to the temperature gauge in my truck, it’s been nice outside, but the wind is not so much fun. Well, that plus my lovely spring cold that is making me feel chilled to the bones! Thankfully the cold appears to be winding down just in time for spring break to be over!

Spring break has actually been a lot of fun so far actually. It’s only half over and we’ve already gone swimming and bowling, as well as on a nice long walk one day. So long my legs hurt the whole next day – no wonder my 5yo needed a piggyback ride from dad on the way home!

Of course, as often happens in such times, my work has picked up a little this week. Overall, that is a fabulous thing – I love helping my clients! But it has been interesting planning outings and such knowing that I have to fit the work in too. We almost went on a daytrip to Calgary, but my work and my cold helped us to reconsider that idea. Things probably won’t stay that busy with the holiday weekend looming though, so I’m going to enjoy the upswing while it’s here. And while my husband is here to help take over the kids as needed!

Okay, off to get some sleep before another busy day. I’m spending most of it with my sister and grandma, as they are coming this way for a medical appt for my gram. My handy little netbook is going to get put to use while gram is in her appointment and then we’re going to have lunch together before heading home. Then I think a movie might be the activity of the evening with the kids – How to Train Your Dragon. Hopefully 2yo will actually sit still enough for me to see some of the movie.


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