Work at Home Wednesday: Taking It With You

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May 26, 2010 9:57 PM

Work at Home Wednesday: Taking It With You


by Laurie

Last summer I went to Disneyland and to Chicago for BlogHer, for my summer vacations. Each time, I let my clients know ahead of time and then did just a small amount of work while on the trips. The Disneyland trip was a week, and it was super busy, so I knew I wouldn’t want to work. BlogHer was a short trip, and posed no real problem with me missing work.

This summer, I have a week long vacation planned in July and I’m torn about whether to work during my vacation. I never work full-time hours anyway, and this is a pretty relaxed  type of vacation. We’re driving about twelve hours away, staying in a cabin and doing some camping type activities. Finding an hour or two each day to work won’t really be a problem, but if I end up with a heavy workload I might be sorry! And lately I have been actually billing 2-3 hours most days (and “working” more than that obviously) so I need to really think about how to handle vacation this year. I am hopeful that next year it will be even more of an issue, as strange as that sounds, because it will mean my little business has continued to grow!

So far this is definitely one of the biggest challenges I have faced as a work at home mom. There are two concerns: one is that I love being there for my clients when they need me. It makes me feel useful and appreciated! Second is that I like money. Yup, money, I admit it, and I make money by working – not just by owning a business! So what should I do? Work, or limit drastically what I do during vacation time? Any advice appreciated!


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